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I encourage you to navigate my website to get a better idea if my services are right for you. 

I describe my work as holistic, feminist, intuitive and inclusive.

By holistic, I focus on the biopsychosocial-spiritual resources and obstacles in individuals’ lives. As a feminist, I am concerned with the healing of women and girls from physical and sexual violence, emotional abuse and trauma. By intuitive, I simply mean I combine my own extensive life experience with all SIX senses in my work. Finally, by inclusive I mean that while I often work with heterosexual individuals, I am also at ease working with lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender, or with those who are questioning. Of course, inclusive also means that I work with seniors, immigrants (I welcome translators), and those with physical disabilities (my practice space is wheelchair accessible). 

I offer individual counselling and facilitate groups for adults, particularly those in significant life transitions such as beginning or ending relationships, grief and loss, questioning orientation, empty nest, menopause, leaving home, recovery from addictions, healing from trauma, immigration, and career change. I understand these transition points as challenging but also as invitations for deep healing and personal growth. I offer walk & talk therapy, spiritual exploration, ritual design, meditation, mindfulness, psychodrama group projects, and art therapy. I may also accept contract work if your organization is interested in my skill set.